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Side Ships | Top 5 Wednesday

June 14, 2017

Hey everyone! It’s Top 5 Wednesday and today’s topic is Side Ships! I will include books, TV series and movies on the list because it was hard to come up with five couples that weren’t between the protagonists! I also included one that I wished happened but never did 🙂

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1. Lumiere and Plumette from Beauty and the Beast: These two are one of my favorite side couples. Their love seems to be so pure and sincere. It’s inspirating how they love each other even after the metamorphosis and how they continue to do so despite the bad times, supporting each other during the cursed years, finding happiness in the little things and celebrating afterwards.

2. Fleur and Bill from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: I know the main characters cannot stand this relationship, especially the Weasleys, but honestly, Fleur was the best thing that could’ve happened to all of them. She is beautiful, polite, smart, brave, independent, and much more. Both her and Bill like to go against normality and other people’s expectations (remember Bill looks like a rock star, not a banker, and Mrs. Weasley is always reprimanding him for that). I love them both and I think that the rest of the people, especially Ginny, are jealous of Fleur’s accomplishments 😉

3. Alice and Jasper from the Twilight Saga: These two are really sweet. There’s a part in the last novel where Bella describes their relationship perfectly, stating that they didn’t need words or gestures to express the love, relief, and happiness they felt; they only needed to gaze in each other’s eyes. I think both of them were outcasts because of their peculiar powers and they understand each other better than anyone else. They also fight together through the good and bad times.

4. Myrnin and Lady Grey from The Morganville Vampires: I read this series a long time ago but I remember that Myrnin was my favorite character because he was witty, charming, and had a Nineteenth-Century politeness that was irresistible. Plus, who would love a vampire that wore vampire bunny slippers? Self humor is the best. I remember I wanted him to end up with the protagonist but I disliked her a lot; when Lady Grey came to the picture, it was a perfect match 🙂 They are always saving each other.

5. Vanessa Ives and Victor Frankenstein in Penny Dreadful: sadly, this relationship can only happen in my dreams *cries*. But I treasure the few scenes they have together, even though they are depicted as close friends. They share their inner turmoil, loyalty, passion, dedication, and darkness. They both have been given powers beyond themselves and suffer because of it. Still, they manage to smile through the most tempestuous times and always believe that humanity can change and be good. I ship them so much.

What are your top 5 side ships?

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