Review policy

Review Policy

Any opinions expressed in my posts are given in an honest and critical manner. Positive and negative reviews will be thoroughly explained, spoiler-free unless otherwise stated. I do not accept compensation in exchange for a positive review.


I especially enjoy gothic literature, classics, postmodern, and fantasy 🙂 but these are the genres I can review:
Fiction (classic, crime/deterctive, fairy tale, fantasy, gothic, historical fiction, horror, magical realism, meta fiction, mystery, mythology, realistic, romantic fiction, sci-fi, short story, suspense/thriller, young adult, western)
Non-fiction (biography/autobiography, essay, memoir, self-help)

My reviews include:

-Brief synopsis
-Release date (if not already released)
-Title of book and author
-Links for where to purchase
-My overall star rating (1-5 stars)
-A brief spoiler free discussion with my opinions about the book (language, setting, characters, likes and dislikes, etc).

Extra:  I might write a separate blog post with an in-depth, spoilered analysis or discussion of the book. This is aimed towards people who have read the book and want to know more about my opinions of it. As an English major, I enjoy writing critical essays, so I might feature some.

My instagram posts include:

-A picture featuring the book
-Title and author
-My overall rating
-A short (25 words) overall impression with directions for the full review in my blog

My rating system:

5 stars: loved it!
4 stars: really liked it.
3 stars: It was ok. It had an even amount of things I liked and disliked. Not my cup of tea.
2 stars: disliked it. Would not recomment it because the things I disliked overcame the ones I liked.
1 star: hated it! I didn’t like it at all and would not recommend it.


I accept review requests and I will review every book I read. My honest opinion will always be given, whether I liked the book or not.

Free copies: If I receive a book to review for free, it will be marked with an * (asterisk). If I was payed to review the book it will be marked with two ** (asterisks). I will include the disclaimer at the end of the post as well.

Affiliate links: in each post you will see a Book Depository affiliate link where you can purchase the book I am discussing. This means I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This is only to help support my work 🙂